5 Dog Friendly Attractions Northumberland

Dog Friendly Attractions & Things To Do In Northumberland

Looking to visit the North East of England with your dog? Then you’ll be looking for things to do where you can bring your pet along with you. Check out these fantastic dog friendly attractions and places to visit in Northumberland..

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Housesteads Roman Fort

Set high on a dramatic escarpment on Hadrian’s Wall World Heritage Site, Housesteads Roman Fort takes you back to the Roman Empire. Wander the barrack blocks and the hospital. Peer into the oldest toilets you’ll ever see, and admire the stunning panoramic views from this ancient fortress.

Housesteads Fort, courtesy of English Heritage

You are welcome to explore the fort and the ruins but dogs are not allowed in the museum. You can just turn up but it is recommended to book tickets in advance, which you can do here.

Hadrian’s Wall

At 73 miles long, with the majority being located in Northumberland, the UNESCO world heritage site of Hadrian’s Wall is dubbed ‘the most important pile of stone in the UK’. Easily accessible, and with a fantastic marked footpath along it’s length, it is simple to find a stretch near to where you are located and have an awesome walk.

The wall marked the Northern extent of the Roman Empire after they retreated from The Wall of Atonine, finding the tribes of now borderland Scotland too savage and difficult. You will find stretches of the wall remarkably well preserved and by walking through the wild country, you can really get a sense of the imposing nature this would have presented to the locals. With two fortified milecastles every mile and heavily defended gatehouses it was an impenetrable barrier.

Darwin, the beagle, standing on top of a section of ruins of Hadrian's Wall in Northumberland
Darwin exploring a section of Hadrian’s Wall

There are numerous places of interests, cafes and museums along the wall’s path, but be aware, the centre at Vindolanda is not dog friendly. Other options, such as Housesteads and Chesters have at least areas which are welcoming to pets, but unfortunately Vindolanda does not.

The Holy Island of Lindisfarne

Approachable only when the tide is out via causeway across the North Sea, Lindisfarne or Holy Island is an isolated trip through history. You can find Lindisfarne Priory which was founded in 635 CE, the Castle which was built in the mid 1500’s, evidence of regular Viking visitors from as far back as the 8th century and home of the Lindisfarne Gospels. Find out more information for planning your trip here. You MUST ensure the tide will allow you to safely drive over for both your arrival and departure. You can do that here.

The Holy Island of Lindisfarne

You can explore the castle, an ancient priory, cafes and pubs and dogs are very welcome across the island. The only place you cannot go with them is into the castle buildings themselves. They must be kept on a lead and it goes without saying, but clean up their mess.

There is a national trust shop on the island where you can buy dog supplies and treats if you need, but we find the cafes and pubs so dog friendly, that they’ll keep your pooch well fed and watered if you stop by. We love a visit to Pilgrims Coffee House, their own roasted, ethically sourced, coffee makes a delicious cuppa and they are super welcoming to dogs (and their owners too!)

Brinkburn Priory

A secret little spot, tucked away amongst the woods along the banks of the River Coquet. This restored 12th Century church, the accompanying house and its grounds are fully dog friendly and makes a great picnic stop.

Brinkburn Priory

Although not the grandest or best known attraction, Brinkburn Priory is an opportunity for some peace and quiet as it is often overlooked for its more well known neighbours. More information can be found here. And keep an eye open as there are otters living in the river banks surrounding Brinkburn.

Corbridge Roman Town

Not all the sites on Hadrian’s Wall were heavily guarded fortresses. Corbridge was once a bustling town and supply base where Romans and civilians would pick up food and provisions. It remained a vibrant community right up until the end of Roman Britain in the early years of the 5th century.

Corbridge Roman Town

At Corbridge Roman Town you can walk the streets, experience daily Roman life and discover the largest collection of artefacts found along Hadrian’s Wall. On lead dogs are welcome in the grounds but unfortunately are not permitted inside the buildings.

You could add a visit to the Roman Town onto our dog friendly day out in Corbridge which you can find here.

Dog Friendly Northumberland

So this is just a small selection of places you can visit in Northumberland with your dog, but these are some of our personal favourites. Living in this beautiful corner of England allows us to explore this magnificent county regularly and it always impresses.

We would recommend you stay here, at least for a while, so you should take a look at our article “8 Gorgeous Dog Friendly Hotels In Northumberland”

Hope you enjoy our recommendations of dog friendly attractions in Northumberland, and if you visit any of these, or have another suggestion for us to visit, then let us know.

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