Upcoming changes Nov 2022

I’m emailing to let you know about a few changes coming up at PawPrints North East and also inform you about upcoming price increases that will come into effect from 12th November, 2022.

First a bit of an update on how PawPrints North East is running at the moment

As we approach the end of the year, we also are approaching the start of year 5 of operations for PawPrints. Some of you have been with me that whole time, which is crazy to think about.

I’ve had great feedback about how paw-sitively tired your dogs are afterwards, you’ve also told me about improvements in your dogs’ confidence and recall. Hearing about the transformational effects of PawPrints adventures is so heart warming (and makes all the rainy and muddy walks worthwhile). Thanks for sharing your testimonials and keep them coming!

Obviously we have recently lost our fantastic Karen, who was lured over to the Emerald Isle and she has left some big shoes to fill, but we are super excited to announce we have taken on a new team member, Sheryl, to ensure we keep our adventures going and up to their usual high standard.

Upcoming Price Increase

On October 1st, I raised our prices for new customers. The new prices are listed below.

As a massive thank-you for your support, I’m fixing your prices for an extra month. So you will continue to benefit from PawPrints services at the current price up to and including Friday, 12th November 2022.

All our adventures will continue to be limited to smaller numbers, include a paw and tummy wash off and towel drying service, so no muddy paws back home, only a happy and tired dog. And the photos you all know and love will continue to be uploaded at the end of every day! We are also continuing to offer a 50% discount on additional dogs from the same household.

Existing Prices                                                        New Prices

1 hr Group Walk – £13  1 hr Pack Adventure – £16

1 hr Solo Walk – £20  1 hr Lone Wolf Adventure – £24

Hike (min 2 hrs) – £35  Wilderness Explorer Adventure – £40

I believe we still offer fantastic value for money, I have always offered more than ‘just a walk around the block’ that most other dog walkers offer.

Exciting Changes And Additions

So along with the introduction of our new team member, we have also (as you have seen above) renamed our services to reflect what we believe makes PawPrints North East stand out from the crowd. Our walks have always been adventures, for us and for all our pack members, so we’re naming them as such.

We are also introducing a new monthly newsletter, to keep you all up to date with the goings on here at PawPrints HQ, and also in our local community that are of interest to or that affects us, the dog owners.

Finally a note to say that I’m committed to providing you with a top class service that removes the stress, worry and anxiety related to ensuring your dog is getting their daily mental and physical needs met as you juggle work, home life and being a caring dog owner.  

Thank you,