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Offering group or solo walks, hikes and adventures, puppy visits and wedding chaperone service.

Dog Walking Services

At PawPrints North East we pride ourselves on providing you with friendly, reliable and professional dog walking and adventures across North Tyneside. Group walks, One-on-One, Puppy Visits or Hikes, we can tailor an adventure to suit your individual dog’s specific needs.

Would it really be your special day without them? Nope, we thought not! Our perfect day packages have you covered so you truly can, have everyone you love with you on your big day.

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Walks Tailored To Your Dog

Without fail each and every walk is full of fun and adventure.


With over 15 years experience of professional dog care between us, and a lifetime of dog ownership, we can confidently say we understand dogs. We anticipate their needs, ensure safe and enjoyable experiences and go above and beyond to make every adventure the best we can.

Meet The Team


The founder and original ‘man with a plan’ behind PawPrints. Born out of a love for wild wanderings with our Beagle Darwin, PawPrints really is a life’s dream come true! Russ is the first to meet all our new pack members and if you ask him he’s always their favourite too!


The Lady to his Tramp, Nat is always behind the scenes letting the world know about the wonderful PawPrints Pack and trying to claim all the puppy visits possible as ‘her walks’. There’s nothing better than pink puppy paws and needle teeth!


Allow me to introduce Chloe, a remarkable member of our staff who joined our company around eight months ago. Since then, she has seamlessly integrated into our team and proven to be an invaluable asset. Although she had no prior experience as a dog walker, Chloe has displayed remarkable dedication and quickly developed into a skilled and dependable professional. Her commitment to her work and the well-being of the dogs in her care is truly commendable. We are fortunate to have Chloe as part of our team, and her exceptional abilities continue to impress us all.

Have your dog be part of our pack and join us for some fantastic adventures. Limited size groups and expertly chosen locations ensure safe, secure and fun times for everyone!

Gryffin has been walking with Russell for a couple of months now and absolutely loves him! We love how happy Gryffin is and how amazing Russell has been with our bonkers boy. He got to know him first by taking him on solo walks and has been slowly introducing him to the rest of the pack. All round great experience for us all


About Us

Hi, I’m Russ. With nearly 10 years experience of professional dog care, and a lifetime of dog ownership, I can confidently say I understand dogs.

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